Pay As You Play

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Are you interested in playing a high quality instrument, but not having to purchase it up front?

We are launching our new program Pay As You Play Program, where you can do just that!  

With this program Guarneri House is able to offer you great opportunity to save money along with gaining a great higher quality instrument. 

If you are currently a renter, we will be calculating the subtotal of your credit gained from your current instrument rental. From that subtotal, the credit that you have acquired from renting will be taken off the price of the new instrument. After that is totaled, you are required to put 50% down of remaining amount. Then payment amounts and dates will be set up for the remaining balance of the instrument.

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The Pay As You Play Program is different from our standard rental program, by giving you, the renter different payment options and the opportunity to rent a higher quality instrument at a lower price. 

 If you are interested in this opportunity, click the Find Out More button!  

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