Instrument Consignment

Why Sell With Us?

Guarneri House is honored to be one of the few music shops in the Northwest to offer a consignment program for your string instrument. We have highly trained staff ready to help you with putting your instrument back on the market. We value every one of our customers and will help you sell your instrument across the country. If you wish to put your instrument on consignment with Guarneri House, we are ready and willing to help you with this process. 

It's Easy Is It To Sell Your Instrument With Us!

Call us at 616.451.4960 or click the button to 'set up an appointment' with us! We look forward to working with you!

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Already Have Your Instrument On Consignment With Us?

Looking for an update on your instrument or thinking of  picking it up ?Please call the shop at 616.451.4960 or click on the  'contact us' button and set up an appointment with us, so we can insure your instrument is ready for pick-up and that everything is taken care of for you. We value you and your commitment to Guarneri House and would love to make sure the process runs as smooth as possible for you, our valued customer.  

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