About Us

How It All Started...

In November of 1978 Steven Reiley and Philip Greenberg opened a full service violin shop known as "Guarneri Violin Shop".  In 1981 Steven and Philip purchased "the house on the hill" (pictured above) and changed the name of the shop to "Guarneri House".  In 2014 Steven and Paula Reiley retired from Guarneri House. The house was then turned over to the next generation and the name changed once again to "Guarneri House LLC" .  

The violin shop is now owned by Aaron Reiley and his wife Linda Reiley who are expanding the business in many ways, including moving the shop from it's old location in downtown Grand Rapids to Hudsonville, a suburb of Grand Rapids. 

Even though the Reiley's are retired their dedication and presence is still very much there. Steven and Paula help in the shop from time to time, utilizing Paula's knowledge of the business and customers of the past 30 years, while Steven is still doing bow work and appraising instruments using his unique eye and vast knowledge of the history of fine stringed instruments and bows.

Every one of our customers are special and unique. From our life-long customers, to the person who walks in our front door for the very first time.

We started as a family oriented business and we plan on keeping it that way. So in the family tradition we strive to make your experience a pleasant one. 

Our Online Store

Guarneri House isn't just a store front anymore! We now have an online shop, which is growing every day! 

Check it our and see if we can fulfill any needs you may have without making the trip into the shop!! 

Items being added every day!

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