Aaron Reiley

What he is known for:

Aaron grew up in the workshop at Guarneri House. However, his full potential as a luthier wasn’t realized until he began working full-time for his father. Aaron constructed his first double bass, a Panormo model, patterned after a double bass owned by concert artist and teacher Larry Angell. The first bass that Aaron entered in the International Society of Bassists maker’s competition received high marks from the judges in 2003. Aaron made (and sold) a second bass for the 2005 ISB Makers Competition and again received high marks. In the ISB convention in 2011, Aaron received the Silver Medal in Tone and Honorable Mention for convention favorite on Opus 8. Aaron made a copy of Edger Meyers' Gabrielle bass and received high praise on his recent tour of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Aaron just finished Opus 15 and a bass with a detachable neck. 

How to get an Aaron Reiley Bass

Aaron Reiley custom makes each one of his basses to the musicians request. If you are interested in learning more about possibly having Aaron make you a bass just for you click below and get in contact with us! We are excited to hear from you! 

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