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Welcome to Guarneri House!
Established in 1978




Guarneri House is proud to announce the transition of ownership from Steven and Paula Reiley to their son and daughter-in-law Aaron and Linda Reiley. This transition will be in motion throughout the summer with Aaron and Linda assuming ownership as of September 1, 2014.

After the transition Steven Reiley will continue to rehair bows on Wednesdays as well as consulting with Aaron on appraisals. Aaron has been an active part of Guarneri House since 2000. He is involved in all aspects of the daily sales and instrument repairs. Linda has also been active in the areas of sale and record keeping. Aaron currently owns and operates "Aaron's Instruments" and will continue to service rental customers from his Hudsonville store as well as through Guarneri House.

We at Guarneri House have been honored to have as our "Head Luthier" Steven McCann. We at Guarneri House have been honored to have as our "Head Luthier" Steven McCann. As a maker and restorer of fine violins, violas and cellos his craftsmanship is second to none. Steven will continue his high level of work as "Head Luthier" at Guarneri House.

We are sure you will enjoy a smooth transition. There will be a few smaller changes to come in the near future so keep an eye out on our website.

Steven and Paula Reiley would like to thank eveyone for being friends of Guarneri House!!

 Keep an eye out for some new and exciting

office hours at Guarneri House!!


Dealers of rare string instruments and bows, located in the Heritage Hill District of Grand Rapids, Mich., the Guarneri House collection consists of instruments and bows suitable for the beginning student to the seasoned professional to the consummate concert artist, as well as for collectors of fine, rare instruments and bows.

Guarneri House sells, repairs and restores student-level instruments, fine orchestral instruments and beautiful, centuries-old rare instruments and bows. Our luthiers are master craftsmen and have won awards as makers of handcrafted instruments and bows.

From choosing a first instrument for your child to commissioning a handcrafted, professional instrument or bow for orchestral and concert use, Guarneri House provides courteous and knowledgeable service for your every musical need.

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About Our Staff

Steven Reiley: President, Master Bass and Bow Maker

Steven Reiley holds a master's in String Instrument Studies from the University of Michigan. He majored in double bass performance and minored in cello.

As the owner of Guarneri House, Steven's activities range from hand crafting double basses and bows to restoration work on both. Steven appraises instruments and bows brought to him from all over the country and abroad. Some of the world's leading concert artists, professional musicians and teachers such as Ani Kavafian, Edgar Meyer, Yo-Yo Ma, Schlomo Mintz, Lawrence Hurst, and many others have purchased bows made by Steven Reiley. His basses can be found in the Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Omaha, Grand Rapids, Danish Radio Orchestra, Beijing Symphony and the Berlin Opera.

Steven serves as Centerfold Editor of "Bass World" magazine, a publication of the International Society of Bassists. He won two awards of distinction at the 2003 International Society of Bassists Makers Competition. His Testore model double bass won a "Certificate of Tone" and his French-style bass bow won the "Convention Favorite" award. In 2005, at the International Society of Bassist Makers Competition, Steven's bow won a "Certificate of Workmanship" and a "Convention Favorite" award. At the 2011 ISB Convention, Steven won a "Certificate of Tone" on a bass he entered in the makers competition. Commissions welcome.



Steven McCann: Master Luthier

Steven is Guarneri House's expert on making, restoring and repairing violins, violas and cellos. His hand made instruments are recognized for their excellent craftsmanship, easy "playability" and aesthetic beauty. Steve has been in the business for 30 years, originally training at Bein & Fushi in Chicago, Ill. He was head of the shop of Kachier Brothers in Pittsburgh before moving to Grand Rapids in 1985. Commissions welcome.



Aaron Reiley: Luthier

Aaron has worked with wood all of his life, growing up around the workshop of Guarneri House. However, his full potential as a luthier wasn't realized until he began working full-time for his father. Aaron constructed his first double bass, a Panormo model, patterned after a double bass owned by concert artist and teacher Larry Angell. Aaron's first bass received high marks from the judges at the 2003 International Society of Bassists Makers Competition. Aaron made (and sold) a second bass for the 2005 ISB Makers Competition and again received high marks. Aaron made a copy of Edger Meyers Gabrielle bass and received high praise on his recent tour of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Aaron entered opus 8, in the makers competition, at the 2011 ISB Convention and won a Silver Medal for tone and Convention Favorite Honorable Mention. We at Guarneri House are very proud of the work he is doing!!!



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